Thank you for visiting our web site. Bear Paw Guide & Outfitters has been a family owned and operated business since 1980. We're big enough that we're not a back yard hobby yet small enough that I can be in the field guiding and still help put the hunts together with the help of one or two other assistant guides.

Our guides are paid a good base rate as well as a bonus depending on how well their hunt goes. We enjoy over a 70% return clientele which tells us we are running our business successfully. Dennis Smith

Depending on the species you're hunting you may get to hunt with the Old Grizzly himself.

If the straw you draw is a little longer (and your goals are a bit higher) then you may get to enjoy the company of the second generation of The Smith Family. Andrew Smith

If you really luck out and can catch her when she isn't cooking, wrangling or guiding fishermen you may even be able to enjoy hunting a few days with the third generation.
Dawn Smith





"At over seven feet, six inches with a skull that measured over 21 inches, it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime bear."

- Greg Rodriguez
Leupold's Hunting Adventures

To complement our family members there is usually a competent guide or two waiting in the wings ready to step in and make an old guy look good. Guide

GuideOur camps vary from tents and rustic cabins during August and early September hunts (goat and grizzly) to a 3 bedroom log lodge and good cabins at Base Camp (grizzly, moose and caribou) as the season progresses. TentsCabin



Our guide area is located in beautiful North Western British LodgeColumbia. Between the Omineca and the Mesilinka Rivers in MU 7-38. It covers over 3000 square miles in which we have exclusive guiding rights for moose, grizzly, mountain goat, caribou, black bear, wolverine and wolf.

The terrain we operate in has everything from stunning glacier capped mountains to gently rolling alpine hills and valley bottoms where slow winding rivers make their way through miles of willow covered moose country.

The elevation varies from 3000 feet at Base Camp for moose and black bear to 6500 feet with goats, grizzly and caribou taken anywhere in between.

Due to the wide variety of area we have to chose from we can tailor most hunts to suit your physical capabilities. From a relaxing river boat float trip for moose ( no horses) to rugged back country mountain goat hunts using horses everyday.

Grizzly All grizzly, goat, and caribou are hunted as trophy hunts. With caribou being on a 5 point regulation to ensure trophy quality.

CaribooWe do three different moose hunts which vary from a 10 day 1 on 1 trophy single species to a combination hunt which normally produces some great trophies. We have our middle of the road 10 day 2 on 1 hunt Goatwhich usually produces some nice trophies along with some excellent meat - to our very popular 7 day 2 on 1 moose hunt in which you shoot the first bull moose you see which might be anything from a small spike to a trophy of 50 inches or more. Moose

Our spot and stalk spring bear hunt for both black and grizzly are done mid-May to mid-June and are done mainly using 4x4s for transportation as we glass old logging blocks and south facing slopes for trophy bear.Antlers

Our spring black bear hunts are extremely easy, relaxing and successful; anyone regardless of health or age can successfully do. Black BearAs well as black we take a number of colored bears each year. Most seasons see a 100% opportunity for clients on 6 foot or better bears.
Colored Bear


During the winter months, November to March, we offer a wilderness trap line experience that can be upgraded to a wolf hunt over bait. WolfThe trap line is done from a comfortable rustic log cabin and using snowmobiles for transportation. Clients have described this trip as being one of the most interesting, relaxing and enjoyable trips that they have ever been on. It can be Fursdone by anyone regardless of age and includes a variety of fur taken during the trip. Snowmobile
Wolf, linx and wolverine are not included in the price of the trips but can be purchased at market value.

Fishing can be included on nearly all of the hunts or can be booked as a separate trip from June until August. Please visit our other web site for more details on fishing and wilderness trips: D&M Wilderness Adventures

"All in all, we had a great time. As for recommending Dennis Smith and Bear Paw Guide & Outfitters; I went back four times! need I say more?"

- Harmond Dickey
B.C. Hunter


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Please leave a message if you cannot reach us. We are in and out often and we will get back to you as soon as possible.